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How we help

  • We migrate Windows and Linux workloads to AWS for Australian small businesses.

  • Once migrated we provide ongoing AWS management & support services if required.

  • We also support all aspects of Windows workloads for those that require a complete end-to end service.

  • As AWS Partners we are accredited by AWS to work with our clients to plan, build, test and support AWS server environments.

Why us?

  • Almost 20 years experience in Australia supporting Windows Server environments.

  • Over 15 years experience working with Australian professional  services and medical firms

  • Over 10 years focused on secure private server hosting

  • We understand small business priorities and outcomes

  • We offer straight forward monthly pricing 

  • We hold AWS technical and consulting accreditations, and are an AWS Select Partner. 

Client Consultation


  • Understanding our clients' requirements is key to ensuring we recommend and deploy the right AWS service for your business.


  • Our pricing models are flexible, clear and simple and allow you to take advantage of the full range of AWS services and cost optimisation options.

Habitat3 is an AWS Select Tier Services Partner

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After completing the required certifications and demonstrating the required hands-on experience Habitat3's AWS Partner status means we are certified by AWS to provide you with the best quality AWS based solutions and assist you on your cloud transformation journey.

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We migrate Windows & Linux workloads to AWS

We can take existing Windows and Linux servers and migrate them to AWS

We support your
AWS environment

Once at AWS we can manage all aspects of the AWS service including security, backups and optimisation billing.

We support your Windows Remote Desktops

We can also manage the Windows server environments including user support, permissions, patching, printing.