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Digital Transformation through AWS hosting

Our Services

  • Web Server Migrations
    We migrate Linux webserver workloads to AWS for Australian small businesses and their developers.


  • Web Server Hosting
    We host EC2 instances at AWS to support your web server hosting requirements - includes LinuxOS, Webservers, Databases, cPanel/WordPress and more. 

  • High Availability Web Stacks (App Modernisation)
    We take stand-alone Webservers and re-architect them to become highly available Web stacks using AWS services.

  • Virtual Desktop
    We host EC2 instances for RDS as well as AWS Workspaces to provide your team with a secure and high performing virtualised desktop experience. 

  • Greenfield Design & Deployment
    We work with clients and their developers to design and deploy new highly resilient AWS environments specific to their hosting requirements.

  • Support & Managed Services
    We offer a unique combination of personalised support & advice, automated monitoring and responsive remediation to maximise the security, uptime and cost optimisation of your hosted web applications and data at AWS.

Our Focus

  • We focus on four key principals when building and maintaining AWS hosting environments for our clients:

    • Security

    • Resilience

    • High performance

    • Cost optimisation

Why choose Habitat3?

  • We are small business focused and understand your priorities and outcomes.

  • We specialise in a specific set of core services designed for small business use cases.

  • We offer simple and straight forward monthly pricing.

  • We are your trusted advisor to navigate the evolving landscape of cloud hosting.

  • Almost 20 years experience supporting server environments for Australian small businesses.

  • Over 15 years experience working with Australian professional services and healthcare firms.

  • Over 10 years providing private cloud hosting services.

  • As AWS Partners we are accredited by AWS to work with our clients to plan, build, test and support AWS hosting environments.

Our Pricing

  • Our pricing models are clear and simple. Projects are quoted as fixed fee engagements and ongoing services are provided within a monthly subscription.  Our pricing allows you to take advantage of the full range of AWS services and cost optimisations on offer from AWS.

Let us help guide your journey

Habitat3 connects you with AWS

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We offer small businesses and start-ups a way to leverage the awesome power of AWS to build resilient, secure, high performing and cost optimised hosting environments.


We work with the business and their developers to build, support, secure and optimise your AWS environments and hosting workloads.


Our AWS partner status means we are certified by AWS to provide you with the most appropriate services and assist you on your cloud transformation journey.

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