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Paper Abstract

AWS Migration Assessments

With almost 20 years managing Microsoft servers and software for small businesses we are able to help you assess and optimise your Microsoft licensing when moving to the cloud.
We conduct a thorough review of your Microsoft licensing and show how the licensing costs can be reduced with a move to AWS.
This review also facilitates the development of a proposal to migrate your workloads to AWS. Once migrated we are then able to support and modernise your environment to further optimise costs and performance. 
We have experience with Microsoft Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, Remote Desktop, Microsoft365, Windows Security and are certified under the AWS Service Delivery Designation - EC2 for Windows.
If you are thinking about moving to AWS we can review your current Microsoft server environment and make recommendations on how to optimise your Microsoft licensing costs and migration costs.

If you have less than 10 servers we provide the review and recommendations for free,

We will; 

  • Complete an AWS Migration Assessment - a review to find Microsoft and infrastructure cost savings associated with a move to AWS.
  • Provide a roadmap outlining the steps needed to move your workloads to AWS in the most efficient way.
  • Provide timelines and costings for us to complete the migration.
  • Migrate your workloads to AWS as a fixed-fee one-off project.
  • Provide ongoing Managed Services post migration to maintain security, uptime and cost optimisation on a monthly subscription basis.
  • Further re-architect and modernise your Windows environments to build more resilience, performance, security and cost optimisations using AWS services.
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