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Paper Abstract

Re-Architect and modernise for better  Resilience & Disaster Recovery

We modernise your Web-Server hosting environment to ensure optimum resiliency for your websites and custom web-applications.

Our focus is to build resiliency within your environment to maximise uptime and performance for the users of your websites. AWS defines resiliency as the ability of a workload to recover from infrastructure or service disruptions, dynamically acquire computing resources to meet demand, and mitigate disruptions, such as misconfigurations or transient network issues. 

This is done by re-architecting your hosting environment to leverage the services of AWS including load balancers, auto-scaling web-server instances, highly available databases and file storage, all spread across multiple AWS availability zones.

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery is the process of getting back up and running in the event the resiliency protocols fail due to a disaster level event occurring which completely stops your Web-Server hosting environment functioning. 

We work with clients to implement Disaster Recovery protocols within AWS which involves establishing your required targeted duration of time between the event of failure and the point where operations resume (RTO) and your maximum length of time permitted that data can be restored from (RPO).

Once these targets are established we will provide an AWS solution to achieve these targets including costs. Once approved we implement the required AWS solution to meet your targets.

Client Outcomes
Many businesses now rely heavily on their website, web-application or e-commerce site to enable client interaction. In many cases this web-based interaction has become business critical. Evolving your web hosting architecture to ensure maximum uptime and availability even through disaster events means that critical link with clients will not be lost.
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