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Paper Abstract

Support & Managed Services for AWS

We manage and support your AWS environment to ensure a secure, high performing and cost optimised AWS hosting service.

This includes;
  • Webserver Layer support

Habitat3 ensures your webserver components are operational, backed up and optimised. This includes your Linux Distribution, the webserver (Apache/Nginx) as well as WordPress and cPanel if those are required.

  • Database support

Habitat3 monitors and tunes your database instances to ensure they offer high performance while being compute optimised, operational and backed up. Supported databases include; mySQL, AWS Aurora (mySQL compatible), PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL.

  • High Availability Web Stack support

Habitat3 ensures high availability for your web application through the use of a distributed architecture web stack spread across multiple AWS availability zones and involving load-balancers, auto-scaling Apache or Nginx webserver instances, supported databases and AWS elastic file store to hold documents.

  • AWS Service and Security Monitoring

Habitat3 monitors and remediates the AWS services and security controls within your AWS environment including; network and user security management, server security patching, outgoing data and network traffic monitoring, DNS and SSL support, network maintenance on VPC and backup schedule maintenance and failure monitoring.

  • Cost optimisation & General support

Habitat3 provides a range of additional support services including cost optimisation (budget alerts/reviews) as well as general client support (advice/guidance).

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