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Legal sector had 3rd highest data breaches - PC security key

The latest quarterly report from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) shows that the legal sector reported the 3rd highest number of data breaches from October to December 2018 with 64% of the reports attributed to malicious or criminal attacks.

As many law firms continue to achieve significant efficiencies through the implementation of practice management software and by “going paperless” it is critical for firms to ensure their digitised data is kept secure.

Firms typically store their data on local computer servers or within private server hosting services while smaller firms simply store their data on their PCs.

Regardless of where the data is stored, we all access and input information via our PCs. It is these PCs that are often overlooked when it comes to data security and can create an opening for data to be stolen, held for ransom or made inaccessible.

At the same time attacks on PCs have evolved to a point where traditional AntiVirus software alone is no longer capable of providing protection.

One example of a new way for hackers to collect your personal data is called “formjacking”. Websites are infected and when you fill in a form on that website both the website owners and the hackers are sent the private information you submitted (including credit card information). A recent example of formjacking impacted the British Airways and Ticketmaster websites late last year. What is needed in these cases is for your security tools on your PC to block these infected websites.

After fourteen years securely managing client’s systems and data, Habitat3's sister company - i360 has created a Cyber Security service designed to keep your data safe through maintaining the best possible PC security.

i360's point of difference is that it is a combination of a suite of security tools and a proactive team of professionals. Once the security tools are installed on your PC they alert a team of technicians if any aspect of your PC security is not fully operational. The team then resolves the issue for you remotely ensuring maximum PC protection – 24 x 7.

Just like hiring a team of security guards will offer better protection than adding a simple padlock, the i360 Cober Security service gives you the peace of mind that a specialist team is proactively protecting your PCs and mobile devices, all day, every day - all from the cost of a couple of cups of coffee a month.

Eight key layers of security are provided;

1. Firewall

When configured correctly PC firewalls block access to your computer from external attempts – including those from hackers, bots and malware. PCsecure247 monitors and manages your firewall to ensure it is stopping all unwanted access.

2. Anti-Virus

Full real-time Anti-Virus protection is maintained within the PC to protect against viruses contained within any files including email attachments or website downloads.

3. Ransomware/Cryptolocker Anti-Ransomware protection is provided on the PC by preventing unauthorised encryption or modification of your files. This means it stops cryptolock type attacks from “locking up” or encrypting your files. It also blocks processes that run on your PC commonly associated with Ransomware as an added layer of protection.

4. Microsoft Windows Security Patch Updates

As required Microsoft releases updates that fix security gaps within their PC operating system. PCsecure247 monitors these updates and makes sure your PC is always up to date.

5. Malicious Website protection

Protection is provided against websites that are known to contain malicious scripts and malware (including formjacking). PCsecure247 blocks these websites and provides you with a warning when you attempt to visit the site.

6. Mobile Device Security

PCsecure247 protects your mobile devices (eg. smartphones/tablets) from mobile specific viruses to ensure complete security across all platforms.

7. Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

As an added layer of password protection when logging into your PC, 2FA initiates a prompt within an app on your mobile phone that needs to be confirmed before you gain access to your PC.

8. Office 365 Protection

For those using Office365, i360 offers additional protection including;

· Detection of malware embedded in Office365 or PDF documents

· Reduces threat detection times to speed up email delivery

· Protects OneDrive files across all connected devices

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