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6 reasons why professional services firms love Australian based cloud storage

Cloud storage is the ability to upload and access your critical data via the Internet. There are many service providers around the world however Australian accountants, lawyers and medical professionals prefer to ensure their data is stored within Australia.

AusDrive is a specialist Australian-based cloud storage provider (

So what are the top 5 reasons so many firms love AusDrive’s cloud storage?

Number one - Australian storage accessed via Internet

Centralised access to Australian-based data – clients can connect to data from anywhere at anytime ensuring maximum productivity across their team. When accessing files AusDrive automatically checks files out and when files are saved it automatically checks them back in. This ensures that no conflicted copies are created by people accessing the files at the same time.

Number two - restore previous versions of files

File Versioning and undelete - AusDrive allows you to restore previous versions of your files and folders data if needed. This is particularly useful to protect against Crytoplocker/Ransomware attacks. You can review and download any and all revisions of individual files separately - not simply revert to a previous version. You can also see all deleted files with AusDrive and "undelete" any you choose. When you undelete/restore a file you also restore all previous versions of that file.

Number three - backup onsite data

Offsite Backups – its very important to always keep a copy of your business data offsite. In a case of a disaster (eg. flood, fire, theft) onsite backups can be destroyed. AusDrive allows for a very simple way to backup your files and software databases stored in your office to our secure Australian storage.

Number four - team folders

Team folders - You can create separate folders within AusDrive and limit access to groups of people. For example, admin staff, management, operational staff etc. This way staff only have access to the data they need and private information is kept private. You can even link folders that are on your PC into AusDrive so they are shared and backed up.

Number five - either sync data or access data directly

Sync files or “map” a drive to your data. In some cases you may want to sync data between your computers and AusDrive. This creates a copy of your files on your PC and on AusDrive and on any other PCs you sync. In other cases you may want to connect directly to the files without syncing them back to your PCs. AusDrive gives you the flexibility of connecting using either method as it suits your requirements.

Number six - premium support & service

Support is the single most defining aspect of IT services. Without excellent support IT services can be frustrating and in the worst case cost money. AusDrive is a supported service and is not just a website. Part of the Habitat3 group of companies, AusDrive is backed by a team of Australian based engineers and helpdesk support.

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