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Habitat3 Site Requirements Policy

Clients will ensure the following site requirements are met:

  1. PCs connecting to the Habitat3 VPS are using Windows 8 or newer operating systems.

  2. Up to a maximum of four users are able to use ADSL (as long as the download is at least 8Mbps and the upload is at least .5 Mbps)

  3. Five or more users on a single connection must have an Internet connection which provides for a minimum of 0.25 Mbps per user upload and 1.5 Mbps per user download.

  4. A ping result of under 100 milliseconds is required to use the Habitat3 service.

  5. Any printers that do not have manufacturer drivers for the operating system of the end user’s virtual server may not function (ie. print from the virtual server to your local printer) and we will not be able to make any changes that will allow them to function.

  6. All printers must be able to print from an onsite PC first if printing from the virtual server to the local printer is required. Support will only be provided for printing issues if the onsite printer can print successfully from the onsite PC

  7. A modem with port forwarding functionality is required to allow for complex printing capabilities (eg. multi-tray network printers).

  8. Using a shared internet service (eg. from a serviced office) is not supported or recommended due to the variable quality of the internet service on a shared service.

  9. If you are currently connecting to the Internet via a local server we recommend you disconnect your PCs from the local server’s domain to allow you to access the Internet via the modem/router. This will ensure that you are able to remove the local server without stopping access to the Internet. Habitat3 is not responsible for disconnecting your PCs from your local domain at the time of migrating your applications and data to our hosted environment.

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