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Victor Eye Centre - a case study

Habitat3 has enabled Victor Eye Centre to digitally transform their business optimising security, reliability and cost. This includes the hosting of their practice management software, their practice phone system and securing their endpoints.

Victor Eye Centre is a specialist, independent optometry practice in Victor Harbour, South Australia. 

Led by Dr David Welch, the team at Victor Eye Centre is focused on the highest levels of quality patient care insisting on an appointment schedule that allows patients the time to explain exactly what they require and to discuss options with the optometrist, orthoptist and dispensing staff. See more at: 
The Challenge
Dr Welch believes in leveraging technology for the benefit of the practice and his patients.
“Habitat3 understands our business and our use of technology. We consult with them regularly when implementing new technologies and they have never failed to come up with the perfect solution for our practice” said Dr Welch.
The practice wanted to move their practice management applications and data to a secure cloud environment to improve reliability, security and performance. In addition, poor service from their telco provider meant they wanted to move their phone system to the cloud. Finally, Dr Welch wanted to increase the level of security on this practice PCs.
The Solution
Habitat3 deployed an AWS private cloud hosting service for the practice using AWS VPC security, EC2 Windows instances as well as EBS file storage (encrypted at rest) and scheduled backups (across availability zones). Within the Windows remote desktop environment, Habitat3 installed and configured all the relevant software, the user accounts and 3rd party application integrations. A seamless migration ensured minimal downtime for the practice.
Habitat3 also worked with close partner i360 Cloud to deploy a hosted PBX solution for the practice using AWS Lightsail. i360 Cloud also deployed a monitored cyber security solution on all practice PCs to protect all the endpoints of Dr Welch’s network.
“The phone service is now far more flexible and turns one virtual phone line into two. Voicemail messages come through as emails that we can play back again and again if we need to so we can understand the message left with us.  Faxes now come through to us as PDFs making them much easier to store. Apps on our phones back us up in the event of a power failure.” Dr Welch said. 
Cost optimisation
Habitat3 implemented a number of solutions at AWS to keep the costs of hosting their practice management applications and data to a minimum. 
This included scheduling the EC2 instance to change sizes so that when the server was not in use it was scaled down and when it was busy it would scale up to meet demand. Habitat3 also capped the memory of the SQL database to keep it optimised and free up resources for other uses on the server. Hard Drive speed was also optimised to the requirements of the practice to ensure excessive performance and cost was avoided.
Overall Solution benefits
Dr Welch listed the following benefits of working with Habitat3.

  1. Business continuity: “keeping our business and information safe even if the practice burns down”

  2. Industry specialisation: “Habitat3’s knowledge ensures we can take advantage of emerging technologies”  

  3. Habitat3’s support service: “They are always accessible and have never failed to find a solution”

Dr Welch believes the practice is now using technology to their advantage.
“I am a big fan of Habitat3. Our business data is secured by Habitat3 within the AWS cloud hosting and the peace of mind that brings is not to be underestimated. We also used Habitat3 for our virtual phone system and also keeping our on-site computers secure. Honestly, if they made coffee it would be the best you've ever tasted!”

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