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Web-Server Hosting at AWS

We host Linux Web-Server instances at AWS underpinning cPanel (and alternatives) combined with WordPress or custom applications (eg. PHP). We also offer support for a range of databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL and webserver software such as Apache and NGINX.  We also host Windows Web-Server instances using IIS.

We monitor and remediate the AWS environment, provide Web-Server monitoring and maintenance as well as offer subscription-based technical and advisory services. 

Our AWS Services support includes monitoring and remediation of AWS Security, Disaster Recovery and High Availability components.

Our Web-Server support provides maintenance for the OS environment including resource monitoring, OS patching, database restores, Anti-Virus and more.

We also provide subscription based advisory and technical services which can be used for general maintenance and support as well as modernising your hosting environment to drive better reliability, resilience and availability as well as cost optimisation.

This is done through deploying AWS services to perform key functions like load balancing, auto-scaling, highly available database and file storage (eg EFS/FSX).
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