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Hot Air Balloons

Web-Servers at AWS
cPanel/WHM, WordPress/PHP, NGINX/Apache, MySQL/Maria DB

We specialise in the migration, deployment and management of Web-Server hosting environments at AWS that underpin cPanel/WHM plus WordPress & PHP based applications. We ensure the performance, uptime, security and resilience of your AWS workloads and help customers modernise their environment by moving from single-server stacks to multi-tier architectures.

We build your new secure AWS Landing Zone and build out all the required AWS services to underpin your web-server hosting environment. We install the relevant tools and software into your EC2 server instance and then migrate your sites, database, files and configurations into
the new server.

Hosting and Managed Services
Once migration is complete we monitor and remediate your AWS environment including security, disaster recovery and high availability. We complete maintenance for your web-server instance including patching/updates, data restores and instance resource monitoring (eg CPU/RAM).

We also provide subscription based advisory and technical services which can be used for general maintenance and support as well as modernising your hosting environment to drive better reliability, resilience and availability as well as cost optimisation.


We provide ongoing modernisation services as part of our managed services to move clients from using a high-risk mono-lithic single Web-Server to highly available multi-tier service-based hosting environments.

 clients are typically custom PHP or WordPress web-application developers, small web-hosting providers or web-development agencies that would prefer to outsource the management of their or their clients' Web-Server environments on the AWS Cloud.

Once recent project saw H
abitat3 enable an innovative start-up online learning platform to launch natively in the cloud within a highly-available AWS Web-App Hosting environment. 

See case study for more.
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