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Mountain Ridge

Why us?

Our Focus

Habitat3 is an Australian-based cloud infrastructure management specialist working with small businesses and their developers to digitally transform their operations by leveraging the power of the AWS Cloud.​

Our Philosophy

Our work with small businesses means we understand your business priorities and objectives. We keep things simple and provide direct solutions to your business challenges. Our services are geared to maximise the potential cloud technologies have to contribute to the growth and development of your business.​

Our Services

Cloud Infrastructure Management
We take care of all your cloud infrastructure management requirements at AWS including security, workload migrations, reliability and resilience modernisation plus ongoing monitoring/remediation and support. Clients are typically web-application developers or start-ups with in-house development capabilities looking to leverage outsourced cloud infrastructure management expertise.

Virtual Private Cloud
We provide secure and flexible remote desktop environments based on Microsoft Windows via a simple pricing model based on number of users, server performance and storage space. Clients are typically Professional Services firms and Healthcare providers using traditional client/server applications (typically SQL based). 


Our Pricing

Our pricing model is simple and straight forward. We offer fixed priced projects and month-to-month subscriptions for ongoing services.  

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