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National Vision Optometrists - a case study

Habitat3 enabled a multi location Optometry Practice to centralise their practice management software and large patient database within a single hosted Windows solution at AWS.

National Vision Optometrists (NVO) is a multi location Optometry Practice in Adelaide that provide full comprehensive eye examinations and professional advice on all aspects of eye health. NVO also specialises in contact lenses and is able to prescribe the most up to date lenses for all needs. The NVO consulting rooms are fully equipped with modern computerised eye testing equipment in their locations.​

The Challenge

NVO's work in providing eyecare to their patients means that retinal photographs and scan are performed on every patient. These images need to be stored in a centralised and secure location to allow for efficient and effective patient care across all eight practice locations.


In addition, NVO uses the industry leading Optomate practice management software to record all patient details, recalls and test results. The Optomate software is SQL based and needs to be available to all  staff at their 8 locations at all times.  The practice management software also needs to be available after hours by the Optometrists.

The Solution

Habitat3 created a secure AWS environment to allow for the migration of NVO's Active Directory, SQL Database, Remote Desktop environment and retinal image data set. We used the AWS Application Migration Service to migrate these workloads to EC2 instances. 


A total of 750GB of retinal image data was stored within EBS storage with 7 day snapshot backups. A Linux-based VPN solution hosted within EC2 provides Remote Desktop security from the practices. AWS Cloudwatch metrics and Cost Explorer budget alerts are in place to ensure any anomalies are detected as soon as they occur.

​"We have been with Habitat3 for more than 15 years and we trusted their advice when recommending AWS as our hosting platform. We appreciate the reliability, speed and flexibility of the AWS solution they have deployed and we are very happy with the outcome." Stuart Aitchison, Director, NVO.

Cost Optimisation

Habitat3 created a further cost optimised solution to allow NVO to reduce their EC2 instance sizes on a schedule.


This means that overnight there are less resources available as usage is less. During the day when usage is higher, more server instance resources are available.  ​This reduction in the EC2 instance sizes on a scheduled basis significantly reduces the overall hosting cost to NVO. 

Solution Benefits

National Vision Optometrists now has a secure, reliable and scalable AWS hosting solution ensuring optometrists can efficiently assist patients. The services are cost optomised to ensure NVO are not paying more than they should be.


NVO also has an efficient support and billing structure as both AWS and Windows environments are fully supported by Habitat3 and all charges associated with all services are invoiced by Habitat3 on a monthly basis.

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