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Our Work - Case Studies

We are proud to showcase our experience working with innovative Australian small businesses and startups to help them achieve their goals.

Secure AWS Landing Zone


Habitat3 has enabled healthcare app, SafeMate, to continue to grow their business by creating a more secure and scalable cloud platform.


We are All Elemental

Habitat3 helped an innovative, start-up, online learning platform to launch natively in the cloud within a highly-available and scalable AWS Web-App Hosting environment.

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Windows Private Cloud

Hammond Health

Habitat3 enabled the Hammond Health regional medical practice to use secure, modern, cloud based infrastructure to overcome some of the most basic barriers to owning a medical practice; that is access to quality ICT support in a regional setting, high initial outlays for onsite server and backup systems, and the challenge associated with maintaining a server.

National Vision Optometrists

Habitat3 helped a multi-site chain of optometrists centralise their practice management software and large retinal image database within a single hosted Windows solution at AWS. 

Country Doctors

Habitat3 helped a regional Medical GP practice ensure data security and service reliability to underpin their patient care by creating a secure AWS and Windows environment to host their practice management software and associated patient data.

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Victor Eye Centre

Habitat3 enabled Victor Eye Centre to digitally transform their business optimising data security, application reliability and technology costs. This includes the hosting of their practice management software, their practice phone system and securing their endpoints.

Malcolm Williams CPA

Habitat3 enabled an experienced CPA to travel extensively throughout Australia all while working full time remotely managing his accounting practice team and their clients from his travel locations.

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