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We Are All Elemental - a case study

Habitat3 enabled a start-up online learning platform to launch natively in the cloud by building a highly-available AWS Web-App Hosting environment.


We Are All Elemental is a Perth-based online learning platform specifically designed to address one of the most challenging aspects of Chemistry: maths. Understanding the mathematical content is crucial to success in Chemistry, as it deepens the understanding of the entire curriculum. The interactive workbooks we provide offer guidance, exam-like questions, and real-time feedback to help students gain a strong understanding of maths and apply it to relevant topics. 

The Challenge

Although the team at We Are All Elemental had all the content knowledge and the application development skills to build their platform they were looking for an AWS partner to help them build and support an AWS hosting environment that would allow them to seamlessly test and build out their application, maintain maximum levels of security and grow at scale once launched.

The Solution

Habitat3's first step was to create an AWS Organisation for We Are All Elemental with all the appropriate IAM roles, AWS Accounts and Security controls in place. From there we created a highly-available web-application hosting environment consisting of an application load balancer, multiple EC2-based Linux webservers, a highly available MySQL database and an Elastic File Storage system.


The built-in redundancies within this highly-available hosting solution means We Are All Elemental can be confident that their platform will be available to their students at all times and that the content delivery will be provided at a consistent level of performance. 

​"We have been really happy with the way Habitat3 worked with our developer to ensure our needs were met. Habitat3's extensive knowledge of AWS and how to get the most from the AWS platform was invaluable. They also provide ongoing support to ensure the AWS services continue to meet our requirements." Radhika Mathur, Founder, We Are All Elemental.

Solution Benefits

This highly-available web hosting solution is perfect for those clients looking to ensure uptime and performance consistency. Using a combination of highly available services from AWS, Habitat3 was able to deliver a solution for We Are All Elemental that ensures their clients always have access to their online learning materials. This in turn continuously improves their reputation and drives growth in their platform.

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