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Stop Ransomware in its tracks with i360's Cyber Security

We’ve all heard stories of computers being attacked by Ransomware because Ransomware attacks are one of the most damaging and effective types of IT security threats. But why is this is so?

Its largely due to the fact that it’s almost impossible to detect and stop the attack with traditional AntiVirus software. The damage done can be so severe it can put companies out of business.

But what exactly is Ransomware?

Ransomware is launched by a human clicking on either an email attachment or launching a file download from an infected website. From there the ransomware software launches on your PC and rapidly encrypts all the files on the PC rendering them inaccessible. Ransomware can also encrypt files connected to your PC (eg. on dropbox or other cloud storage services).

The distributors of the ransomware software then hold you to ransom by requesting large financial payments to provide a key to unlock your own files. In addition, in many cases after payment is made the key provided does not unlock the files. ​

How common is Ransomware?

According to the most recent Verizon Data Breach Incident Report, last year, 39% of successful crimeware incidents involved ransomware. 93% of data breaches took place in minutes, while 83% of those breaches’ victims took more than a week, usually several weeks, to detect those breaches – and, to add insult to injury, they were usually discovered by sources outside of the organization.

So can I protect the data on my PC from Ransomware?

The good news is – yes! i360's Cyber Security service is stepping up protection by combining clever cloud security software with specialist staff to better protect your network.

How does the Cyber Security service work?

A small piece of software is installed on each of your PCs (called an “agent”) and then from a centralised cloud system the i360's Cyber Security service team proactively manage the key IT security mechanisms of each PC.

If any PC monitored by the i360's Cyber Security service indicates any aspect of the PC’s security is outside the security requirements put in place a remedy will be attempted remotely. If this fails clients are alerted to the problem to ensure rapid resolution. It’s a bit like using an outsourced security firm to protect your home or office.

How does the technology stop Ransomware?

i360's Cyber Security service uses a cloud based security template which has been carefully developed to ensure all unknown executable files (the source of Ransomware and other cryptolocker infections) are enclosed in a protective ‘wrapper’ and allows them to run in what is essentially a secure space - a very lightweight but very robust container where they’re allowed to run safely, without any risk of infecting your PC. If the contained unknown executable does turn out to be Ransomware, it can’t spread out to infect your data or compromise your environment in any way. i360's Cyber Security service uses TREND as its security template engine and is backed by cloud service provider Habitat3.

In addition to protecting against Ransomware i360's Cyber Security service also manages the following key security components of your PC:

  • Windows Operating System Security Patch Updates

  • Antivirus Protection

  • Firewall Security

  • PC Intrusion Protection

  • Security Containment of Ransomware

  • PC Active Threat Monitor

The difference between i360's Cyber Security service and regular security software is that its a true service, not just software. There are real people monitoring and managing your PC security.

Just like a door lock and an alarm only go so far to protecting your office and home, a complete security service provided by experts can provide the higher level of protection needed to defend against today’s IT security threats.

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